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Dear Guests!!

The Beach is open as well as the Buffet and dressing rooms .
We strongly advise to keep your social distance, and watch your hygiene !

Thank You!
WCP Crew

1. Cable
2. Cable

There is 2 cable on the lake. One works counter clock, the other clockwise.
Cable Nr.1 starts right, ideal for advanced riders with lots of obstacles.
Cable Nr.2 starts left, for the beginners , almost all day goes slower ( 24-27 km/h ), helping to start and having the corner.
The 10 meter high cable is driven by electric motor, totaly eco frendly, hardly any noise…

Cable Nr. 1. : - rebuilt in 2013 by ALTA Cable Company ( The 4 mast cable before , was built in 1999 by Hungarian Company)
- 5 mast
- 722 m long, has 9 carrier
- counterclockwise , starts right
- 30km/h speed
- usually has 11 obstacles

Cable Nr. 2. : - built in 2013 by ALTA Cable Company
- 5 mast
- 621 m long, has 7 carrier
- clockwise , starts left
- 24 - 30km/h
- usually has 5 obstacles

From season 2017 the Wakepark Győr has now an Alta two tower cable system, where the cable becomes your own and the operator your own personal coach. The cable will stop when you fall, allowing you to deep water start, there and then. No more swimming to the shore and then walking back to the dock. For the advanced riders, you can hit the same obstacle up to thirty times in ten minutes.
The A2 system is perfect for beginners who have never wakeboarded before. It’s also an invaluable tool for riders learning their first inverts to the more experienced riders who are experimenting with the sports more advanced tricks.
A2 is the perfect tool to get your riding the way you want to, effectively and quickly!

  • Only use the cable park if you are in good health.
  • Let the staff know it is your first time and you would like assistance.
  • Always use a life jacket.
  • Never ski or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Never ski or ride with music or audio devices that limit hearing.
  • You must be able to swimm. Exit course immediatley after falling.
  • Boardwalk area is for riders only, you must have a valid wristband to be in the starting area.
  • Be ready for the start, your delay disturbs other riders.
  • No foul language.
  • Hold handle with both hands. Never put the handle between your legs around your neck or put your arm through the handle.
  • If you fall , look back immediatley and avoid riders and ropes. Swimm immediately towards the closest shore or boardwalk before removing your equipment. Duck under water if you cannot avoid oncoming rider or handle.
  • Always ride the corner buoys on the outside , let go anytime you can’t make it.
  • Exit before the motor tower. NOT by starting dock !
  • No deep water starts allowed. If cable stops, let go and always swimm towards the shore or boardwalk never to the center of the cable.
  • No power tricks on the corners. Allow your carrier to pass the pulley before you initiate a trick.
  • Look out for fallen riders or the obstacles. Leave as much space as possible between you and the fallen riders as you pass. To avoid collision, let go of handle and let yourself fall.
  • Start with the simplest maneuvers and work your way up.
  • Water obstacles are intended for experienced riders only, inspect before using.
  • Always use a helmet for the obstacles.
  • No fins allowed on the obstacles.
  • Do not attempt to ride the obstacle if fallen rider is near it and always check the landing area.
  • Only your own equipment and designated rental boards are allowed on the obstacles.
  • Slaloming is not allowed between the obstacles.
  • The park is not responsible for damage to your board or body as a result of using obstacles.
  • You must be completely aware of and accept the risk and hazards upon use of the water jumps , sliders , ramps water obstacles fully understand the rules of using them and will only use the track and it’s obstacles only at your own risk.
  • Beginners can learn all day at cable 2.
  • The beginner cable is Nr. 2.
  • Special price Beginner time tickets only valid for cable nr.2.
  • Special price Beginner time on cable 2. : monday - friday : 10.00 – 12.00.
1 hour: 3.200 Ft 10
2 hour: 4.800 Ft 15
Cable prices

We have different prices for the beginner and for the advanced cable . The 2 days ticket and the tickets with higher value are valid for both Cable 1 and Cable 2 as well.
The prices includes using the lifejacket , learning board with surf binding and the basic teaching.
For technical reasons we can only accept cash, thank you for your understanding.

1 hour only Cable 2.: 4.400 Ft 14
2 hour only Cable 2.: 5.700 Ft 18
3 hour only Cable 2.: 6.900 Ft 22
4 hour only Cable 2.: 7.900 Ft 25
Day ticket only Cable 2.: 10.000 Ft 32
1 hour 1-2 Cable : 5.000 Ft 16
2 hour 1-2 Cable: 6.300 Ft 20
3 hour 1-2 Cable: 7.600 Ft 24
4 hour 1-2 Cable: 8.500 Ft 27
Day ticket 1-2 Cable: 11.000 Ft 35
2 days 1 and 2 Cable: 17.000 Ft 54
Week ticket: 51.000 Ft 162
Monthly Ticket: 79.000 Ft 250 30 Days
Season Ticket: 190.000 Ft 600
Junior Season Ticket: 150.000 Ft 475 Until 16 Years

Pro wakeboard rental for obstacles.

1 hour: 3.200 Ft 10 You have to leave deposit.
2 hour: 3.800 Ft 12 You have to leave deposit.
3 hour: 4.400 Ft 14 You have to leave deposit.
4 hour: 5.000 Ft 16 You have to leave deposite or ID.
1 Day: 6.300 Ft 20 You have to leave deposit.
Helmet for rent 1day /: 1.600 Ft 5 You have to leave deposit.

Opening hours

Valid: 2020. May 09. - 2020. May 17.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed12:00 - 19:0012:00 - 19:00

Valid: 2020. May 18. - 2020. June 07.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15:00 - 19:0015:00 - 19:0015:00 - 19:0015:00 - 19:0015:00 - 19:0012:00 - 19:0012:00 - 19:00

Valid: 2020. June 08. - 2020. June 23.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
13:00 - 19:0013:00 - 19:0013:00 - 19:0013:00 - 19:0013:00 - 19:0011:00 - 19:0011:00 - 19:00

Valid: 2020. June 24. - 2020. August 23.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 - 20:0010:00 - 20:0010:00 - 20:0010:00 - 20:0010:00 - 20:0010:00 - 20:0010:00 - 20:00

Valid: 2020. August 24. - 2020. August 31.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 - 19:0010:00 - 19:0010:00 - 19:0010:00 - 19:0010:00 - 19:0010:00 - 19:0010:00 - 19:00

Valid: 2019. October 14. - 2019. October 27.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed13:00 - 17:0013:00 - 17:00

Valid: 2019. October 28. - 2020. May 08.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

From Vienna toward Budapest A4 continue E60 , on M1 take exit 129 for 85 toward Győr Centrum, turn right onto 85 toward Győr Centrum , then turn right onto 1, after 1,2 km turn right onto Ikrény, after 2,5 km when You came above the highway on the left there is the lake.

Latitude:47°39'56.54"N Longitude : 17°33'33.92"E


  • Anyone who is entering the Area required to keep the Policy.
  • Everyone stays at their own risk in the Area.
  • Parents are responsible for their Children all time
  • Do not mess around, everybody, please use the separate basins.
  • It is Prohibited to bring any animals to the area !
  • The smokers are requested not be thrown away the cigarette stubs anywhere ,but to collect them in to the tray used for this purpose ! It’s Forbidden to smoke around the playgrounds! It is forbidden to smoke within 5 m radius of the buffets!
  • Parking is only permitted in the designated parking places, the cars would not obstruct the passage of others! We are not responsible for the cars in the parking lot or the valuables in them !
  • Plants in the area must not be hurt! (Tree branches, bushes to break, tear off flowers ...)
  • Fishing is prohibited!
  • Only swim in the designated area. It is strictly prohibited to swim or jump into the area of the water ski cable ! It is forbidden and life-threatening to climb on and jump off the Columns of the Cable!
  • The Use of Body Wash, or any Chemicals is strictly forbidden in the outdoor beach shower or in the Lake !
  • The Docks can be used by Everyone at their own risk.
  • The Docks: - Can be used by only the Wakeboarders ! - Only those who can swim can use it ! - A child under the age of 12 may only use by parental controls. - Do not jump into the water from the Dock! - It is not allowed to bring any food , drinks , bottle
  • In case of a storm it is forbidden to stay in the water!
  • Required to enjoy Yourself! :)


A vízmélység strandolásra ideálisan kialakított, a szélétől 20-30 métert be lehet sétálni- árnyékos pavilonok, zuhanyzók, öltözők, kultúrált parkok, teszik kellemessé az időtöltést, és a színvonalas családi pihenést. A gyermekeknek a parton pancsolási, homokozási lehetőség. Melegkonyhás büfé, grillpavilon a családok, baráti társaságok számára kellemes biztonságos szórakozási lehetőséget biztosít. A wakeboardon kívül lábteniszpálya, strandröplabda, és víziröplabda áll a kedves vendégeink rendelkezésére. A strand egész területén vezeték nélküli internet sugárzás áll rendelkezésre a laptoppal érkezők számára térítésmentesen, valamint zárt parkolóban tudhatják járművüket. Sajnálattal kell közölnünk viszont, hogy a strand területére az ÁNTSZ rendelete miatt házi kedvenceket kutyát, macskát stb nem lehet behozni. Megértésüket köszönjük.

Entry ticket
Adult Child
Monday - Friday: 1.000 Ft 600 Ft
Saturday, Sunday: 1.000 Ft 600 Ft
From 17.00 hour: 600 Ft 400 Ft
1500.- ft = 5 eur
1000.- ft = 3,5 eur
600.- ft = 2 eur

Child ticket: Age : 2-14
Adult ticket : Age : 14 and up
For technical reasons we can only accept cash, thank you for your understanding.



+36 30 9440 646, +36 30 9935 986

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